Strong Condominium Sales in Lost Tree Village

  • December 3, 2014
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Strong Condominium Sales in Lost Tree Village

Steady sales have continued in Lost Tree Village throughout 2014. This year, properties of every type have sold, including multiple Intracoastal and oceanfront homes. Additionally, the market for Lost Tree condominiums has been particularly strong not just in 2014, but consistently for several years.

In the past five years alone, there have been 29 condominium sales. With just 118 condos in total in Lost Tree Village, this represents a full 25% of all condos. These sales have been evenly spread across all three condo complexes, with similar sales ratios in each Greathouse, Ocean House South, and Ocean House.

Many of these condos changed hands after being on the market for just a few short months. K2 Realty recently listed a condo at Ocean House South that went under contract just two months later, and sold one month after that. The high number of sales, coupled with the proportionally short time on the market, indicates a strong demand for Lost Tree condos, and an exciting time to buy or sell a condo in Lost Tree Village.

Trends in inventory of available condominiums in Lost Tree Village have been equally as remarkable. While inventory currently stands at five condos, there have been as few as 3 condos on the market and as many as 14 over the past five years. Generally, increases in inventory have been countered with high numbers of sales. There were 10 condominium sales in 2013 alone, accounting for a quarter of the total sales that year and attributing to the recent decrease in condo inventory evidenced in the graph above. 

Listings and sales in the condo market have been led by K2 Realty. Since 2010, K2 Realty has sold 19 condos, representing two thirds of all condo sales during that time period. With almost four times as many condo sales as the next real estate company, K2 Realty is proud to be the market leader and resource for Lost Tree condominiums. Our recent publication, Welcome to Greathouse, can be viewed or downloaded here, and similar booklets are in production for each of the other two condo complexes.